BOGE selectcair is the perfect service programme for BOGE Turbo Compressors - comprehensive and perfectly tailored to your individual needs. Find out more about the new, ground-breaking service options.


The BOGE selectcair service concept

  • Greatest possible safety with continuous efficiency enhancement in system use
  • Continuous system improvement
  • Three stage service programme, can be tailored perfectly to your individual needs 


Only at BOGE: 24h Recovery

BOGE is the very first provider to offer a guaranteed 24 hour recovery service: In the event of a machine stopping our service engineers use first aid kits to get the turbo compressor plant operating again in less than 24 hours.


The perfect programme for every need - our three service packages

With our "Basic", "Original" and "Premium" packages, we provide you with three different service offers with a specific combination of BOGE services. You will find the different packages in the summary here. You receive the BOGE analytics option free of charge in the 1st year irrespective of the programme selected.



All BOGE selectcair service components in detail

BOGE connect

Compressed air management with remote monitoring - an IoT gateway is integrated in to every machine that leaves the plant. Wherever you are, it lets you analyse, regulate and evaluate your compressed air station.


Remote Monitoring

With the remote monitoring option you can see all data from BOGE airstatus yourself via the app on your smartphone. At the same time, the system is constantly monitored in the background by experienced BOGE engineers, who immediately give warning of abnormalities via SMS or e-mail in the event of a limit value being exceeded or unusual operating behaviour.


Performance Report

The BOGE Performance Report* offers a yearly overview of all relevant information about the compressor system – e.g. operating pressures, system behaviour, air delivery rate, power consumption and load run times.


Continuous Improvement Programme

The continuous improvement programme option ensures together with the user that the compressor system always remains up-to-date with regard to technology and production conditions. The performance data of the system are therefore continuously analysed to identify whether specific optimisation measures should be carried out for that particular compressor system through the further development of turbo technology.



Based on ongoing data analysis, special software predicts the operating behaviour of the turbo compressor in the future. BOGE Predictivecair reduces the risk of surprises and makes it possible to plan essential work - with minimum downtime for a long machine life.


BOGE analytics

With BOGE analytics you receive a unique analysis and optimisation tool, which builds your compressed air system on proactive feedback. You always obtain all important parameters at a glance, even on your mobile device; and most importantly: the system delivers realistic savings targets.


24h Recovery

The 24 hour recovery* option guarantees the resumption of operation in less than 24 hours after receipt of the notification even in the event of a machine stopping. This precludes expensive investment in redundancy units.


* Only in combination with the BOGE Analytics option

Additional BOGE Services




BOGE selectcair

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