Buy used compressors at low cost

Needing a compressor does not necessarily mean you have to buy a new one. In many cases, a used compressor will do the job just as well. Depending on your requirements, you can buy used screw compressors or piston compressors, silent compressors or scroll compressors. If you only need a compressor temporarily or for occasional use, you can also hire the various compressors from us. BOGE’s second-hand compressors can be used in the home, in small workshops for operating compressed air tools as well as in large industrial plants. In addition to oil-lubricated compressors, there are also oil-free versions available.

Used piston compressors

To ensure that buying a new compressor is not your only option, we also offer used piston compressors. These are particularly suitable for compression to high final pressures and for fluctuating compressed air consumption with peak loads, and there are various models of used piston compressors available. You can even choose from the usual maximum pressure levels: 8 bar, 10 bar, 15 bar, 30 bar, 35 bar and 40 bar. Use your second-hand piston compressor, for example, to operate compressed air tools such as nailers, spray guns, staplers or impact screwdrivers, or integrate them into your home for painting or pumping up balls, air mattresses or tyres. Piston compressors are also used as respiratory and air compressors and are extremely versatile.

Oil free piston compressor
Output (m³/min) Motor (kW)Pressure (bar) TypeRetail price
0.1561.510SO 260 Ersatzkompressor 1,495.00€
0.3763.68SOLIDdent 500 AT-T 3,500.00€
Piston compressor
Output (m³/min) Motor (kW)Pressure (bar) TypeRetail price
0.1621.310P 2 LR-18 1,895.00€
0.897.510SOLIDbase 1300-10 BM silent 2,999.00€
1.31911.015SC 15 -15 7,950.00€
1.61515.015SC 20 - 15 9,995.00€
1.61515SKM 36 _Ersatzkompressor für SC 15-, SC 20-15 3,995.00€

Used screw compressors

Purchasing a used screw compressor is especially ideal when you require continuous compressed air consumption without major peak loads. Screw compressors are recommended for very sensitive compressed air loads in particular, as they offer a very cost-effective way of compressing to final pressures of between 5 and 14 bar and a pulsation-free volume flow. You can even choose from the usual maximum pressure levels: 7.5 bar, 8 bar, 10 bar and 13 bar. Used screw compressors can be deployed virtually anywhere where compressed air is needed, as they become even more cost-effective the greater the delivery volume and by virtue of their almost vibration-free and thus quiet installation. Both small workshops and large industrial enterprises alike can benefit from the purchase of a used screw compressor for compressed air tools such as air nailer guns or impact screwdrivers. Screw compressors are particularly recommended for the automotive industry, machinery and plant engineering, the paper and wood industry as well as the plastics industry.

Oil free screw compressor
Output (m³/min) Motor (kW)Pressure (bar) TypeRetail price
7.0545.08SO 61 -2 FW 19,995.00€
Screw compressor
Output (m³/min) Motor (kW)Pressure (bar) TypeRetail price
0.494.010SOLIDscrew 4 B - New from 2019 2,999.00€
0.6014.08C 5 D 4,995.00€
1.07.510SOLIDscrew 7 BR -500 4,500.00€
1.4511.010SOLIDscrew 11 BR -250 3,750.00€
1.6215.013SOLIDscrew 15 BDR -500 5,250.00€
3.018.57,5SOLIDscrew 18 B 5,100.00€
3.122.010SOLIDscrew 22 B 5,400.00€
3.122.010SOLIDscrew 22 B 5,900.00€
3.122.010SOLIDscrew 22 S (B) 4,500.00€
4.830.07,5SOLIDscrew 30 B 7,250.00€
5.8745.013S 61 -2 13,500.00€
6.9245.010S 61 -2 12,500.00€
12.690.013S 90 -4 - New from 2020 25,950.00€
15.7590.08S 125 -3 20,995.00€
20.5110.07,5S 111 -4 L - New from 2019 34,900.00€
25.1160.010S 220 39,000.00€

Used craft compressors

Used compressors are available for skilled trades. Benefit from the advantages of suitable compressors when using compressed air tools, and make working with staplers, impact screwdrivers, nailers, spray guns etc. that bit easier. Our large selection includes compressors which can be used in both small workshops and large industrial enterprises. We are also happy to offer a silent compressor for special requirements.

Craftsman compressors
Output (m³/min) Motor (kW)Pressure (bar) TypeRetail price
0.3353.010Soliddrive 500 DS-90_nur zur Vermietung_For rent only

Used compressor accessories

Your options should not be limited to buying used compressors. We also offer a wide range of accessories such as components for compressed air treatment of your used air compressor, respiratory compressor and much more, including compressor accessories for new compressed air stations. Here too we offer warranties, maintenance and worldwide delivery.

Output (m³/min) Motor (kW)Pressure (bar) TypeRetail price
1.250.2550DH 12 - Hochdruck DL Kältetrockner 1,995.00€
1.250.2550DH 12 - Hochdruck DL Kälterockner 1,995.00€
1.80.1616DS 18 -2 1,250.00€
1.9714DRE 22 - Einbautrockner für BOGE C 12-2 995.00€
2.116DR 21 -2 1,185.00€
3.10.8614GD-DPRA 31_230V/60 Hz_New from 2014 1,000.00€
3.20.3416DS 32 -2 1,425.00€
4.00.7514GD-DPRA 41 1,995.00€
6.01.0516DS 60 895.00€
6.20.5716DS 62 -2 2,850.00€
7.580.914DS 75 2,500.00€
9.51.3614DS 95 1,300.00€
14.170.416Adsorptionstrockner Beko AC 485 PDP 9,500.00€
63.04.6414DS 630 16,995.00€
Filter and Adsorber
Output (m³/min) Motor (kW)Pressure (bar) TypeRetail price
0.8316Filterkombination FPACM 10 PC 630.00€
1.216DCZ 11 -2 825.00€
1.6716Filterkombination FPACM 20 PC 950.00€
12.525ZP 125 -25 bar 195.00€
19.816F 190 A - Aktivkohlefilter 399.00€
Output (m³/min) Motor (kW)Pressure (bar) TypeRetail price
25.316Z 183 N_Zyklonabscheider mit Bekomat 13 650.00€
30.0CC 30 -2 950.00€
16Zyklonabscheider Z 250 - New from 2018 299.00€
10Duotherm 60 - Wärmerückgewinnungssystem 950.00€

Used container

Output (m³/min) Motor (kW)Pressure (bar) TypeRetail price
3.6122.09BOGE BLUEprotect 45 m³/h N2 Mietcontainer 1 - (aktuell vermietet) 94,000.00€
3.6122.09BOGE BLUEprotect 60 m³/h N2 Mietcontainer 2 - (aktuell vermietet) 116,000.00€
3.7322.09BOGE BLUEprotect 60 m³/h N2 Mietcontainer 3 125,000.00€

Future available components

Category Output (m³/min) Motor (kW) Pressure (bar) Type




K 15 - 40 bar
S 40 -2
S 40 -3
S 40 -3
S 60 -3 Bluekat
S 60 -3
S 75 -2
SLF 75 -3
DHW 29/50/SF / Hochdruckadsorptionstrockner

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