Screw Compressor C-2 LR up to 15 kW

Compact. Quiet. Efficient.

    • BOGE compact module
      An optimised screw profile and the compact design of the airend mean increased free air delivery with minimal power consumption. The C-2 guarantees the perfect airend for every performance class
    • Extremely quiet
      All models boast the standard sound hood, which successfully keeps operating noise and vibrations to a minimum. Ideal conditions for flexible installation!
    • Maintenance friendly by principle
      To ensure the most user-friendly maintenance possible, all of the components have been arranged to allow quick access. For example, all of the sound insulation panels can be effortlessly removed, and filters can be changed with minimal downtime.
    • Control
      Even the standard base control has everything to allow the compact compressors to be operated safely and efficiently. The main display clearly shows five parameters on one LC screen – with ergonomic layout on both the base and the receiver machine.
    BOGE C-2 series

    Compact BOGE screw compressors have been known in the industry for their reliability in the generation of compressed air for many years. Thanks to their integrated design, they have a small footprint and efficiently generate compressed air. In addition, the highly efficient, maintenance-free direct drive with elastic coupling guarantees maximum service life. Optimally tailored to your requirements with compressed air receiver and ergonomic control – efficient, compact compressed air station ready for connection.


    Compact screw compressor, oil-lubricated, directly coupled, on receiver


    • ergonomic control
    • integrated design
    • extremely quiet
    • heat recovery can be integrated
    • directly coupled
    • with receiver
    • maximum efficiency
  • BOGE Max. Pressure Effective Delivery Volume
    50 Hz
    Motor Power Dimensions
    W × D × H
    Type bar psig m3/min cfm kW hp mm kg
    C 12-2 LR 7.5 109 1.820 64.3 11 15 2036 x 915 x 1915 668
    C 12-2 LR 10 145 1.740 61.4 11 15 2036 x 915 x 1915 668
    C 15-2 LR 7.5 109 2.260 79.8 15 20 2036 x 915 x 1915 668
    C 15-2 LR 10 145 2.220 78.4 15 20 2036 x 915 x 1915 668