Screw Compressor C...FD up to 11 kW

Needs little space, gives you full power

      The BOGE C series up to 22 kW is characterised by its industry leading specific power ratios – for efficient compressed air supply.
      The optional frequency converter ensures a continuous volume flow between 25 and 100 percent. This allows adaptation to the momentary demand of the compressed air system. Soft starting also avoids undue wear and tear and prolongs the service life.
      The C series with frequency control includes an integrated refrigerant dryer for extremely high compressed air quality.
      The compressor is controlled by the focus control 2.0 system* which includes an integrated efficiency display as well as additional monitoring and control options. focus control 2.0 is programmed as a changeover switch and can control up to four machines.
    BOGE C...FD

    A belt-driven compressor with integrated frequency control for optimum efficiency: as your compressed air requirements decrease, the energy consumption of the compressors decreases, idle times are minimised and pressure fluctuations are levelled off. Smooth starts and stops protect the materials and extend the lifespan. An integrated dryer ensures constant compressed air quality.


    Compressed air station with frequency control and dryer, oil lubricated


    • heat recovery can be integrated
    • compact design
    • refrigerant dryer included
    • extremely quiet
    • maximum efficiency
    • frequency control
  • BOGE Max. Pressure Effective Delivery Volume
    50 Hz
    Motor Power Dimensions
    W × D × H
    Type bar psig m3/min cfm m3/min(max) cfm(max) kW hp mm kg
    C 15 FD 8 115 0.390 13.8 1.740 61.4 11 15 1072 x 1080 x 1740 536
    C 15 FD 10 150 0.360 12.7 1.530 54.0 11 15 1072 x 1080 x 1740 536
    C 15 FD 13 190 0.270 9.5 1.330 47.0 11 15 1072 x 1080 x 1740 536