Membrane Dryers

Pressure due point reduction in a compact form: the BOGE DM series membrane dryers

High Pressure Dryers up to DH 90

The most economical way to dry compressed air: DH Series refrigerant dryers

High Pressure Dryers up to DH 230

The most economical way to dry compressed air: DH Series refrigerant dryers

Active Carbon Adsorber

For Class 1 oil-free compressed air: the Boge DCZ Series

Adsorption Dryers, Heatless Regeneration

Reliable drying capacity from -40°C: BOGE DAZ series

Adsorption Dryers, External Heated Regeneration and Vacuum Cooling

Compressed air drying with a low energy system: the BOGE DAV Series

Adsorption Dryers for Breathing Air

Reliable and efficient medical breathing air: the BOGE DASZ Series

    Do you want to efficiently and reliably create compressed air for the most delicate requirements? With the processing units of the DASZ-P Series, you can create breathing air for both industrial and medical purposes. In two chambers, the compressed air is passed through the drier after the pressure swing adsorption has removed any pollutants. Also thanks to the integrated filters plus the detergent and catalyst, the resultant breathing air meets, among other criteria, the standards of the Pharmacopée Européenne.


    Adsorption dryers for breathing air


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Adsorption Dryers, Heatless Regeneration and Active Carbon Adsorber

The complete package for drying and oil-free compressed air: the BOGE DACZ Series

Oil-Water Separators

Gravity separation is a thing of the past

BOGE PressureSafe

Pressure maintenance system with a secure network for constant air quality


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