BOGE embodies more than 110 years of tradition in the German city of Bielefeld. For generations, we have merged the values of a medium-sized company with the principle of dynamic growth. Intelligent engineering, forward-looking solutions and quality, custom-made in Germany – these are the values BOGE has stood for since the very beginning.

A future built on tradition. The BOGE Evolution.


  • Leading the way for over 110 years

    Milestones of a successful family business in its 4th generation

  • 1907 company founded

    Otto Boge, 1878 – 1937, starts up the company in Bielefeld and runs it until his death.

  • 1920s

    BOGE now also designs and manufactures motorcycles.

  • 1925

    BOGE AIR is launched with production of the first piston compressors.

  • 1930s

    BOGE is recognised as a compressed air pioneer and is starting to sell abroad.

  • 1960s

    Boom time in Bielefeld. Ernst Thomas welcomes Ludwig Erhardt at the exhibition stand at the Hanover Fair.

  • 1980s

    New headquarters opens on the outskirts of the city; volume production of screw compressors in Jöllenbeck.

  • 2000s

    T. Meier and W.D. Meier-Scheuven, great-grandchildren of Otto Boge, give the go-ahead for the high-tech components plant in Großenhain near Dresden.

  • Today

    With the slogan "Driven to change...", BOGE celebrates 2015 as its most successful year to date, with innovative new products and record sales.

  • Today

    Mature & sophisticated – the BOGE family spirit. Some 850 employees worldwide are now working on the compressed air solutions of the future.

The BOGE book: BOGE as it was and is

A successfully established fourth-generation company looks back over an eventful history. The BOGE book illustrates the complete story of this family firm, from its founding in 1907 – the time of the Kaisserreich (German Empire) – to the present day. Alongside the courage and ambition of its founder, the book discusses the shared goals of the four generations: to sustain the firm’s original values and grow it in line with the times. Created by author Jürgen Büschenfeld  of the “Verlag für Regionalgeschichte” (Publishing House for Regional History) in Bielefeld, this richly illustrated book also incorporates interesting insights into the changing Bielefeld metal and mechanical engineering industry.

More than 110 years experience

Otto Boge founded the company in 1907 and began by selling the door closers that his brother was manufacturing at the time. Following the First World War, Otto quickly made a name for himself producing speciality tools for the emerging automobile industry and motorbikes. Finally, BOGE became a specialist manufacturer of compressors and compressed air appliances – and is a worldwide leading provider in the sector today.