The service of the future – a reality for you today

How about if your compressor were to continuously improve in operation, and its lifetime could be considerably increased? If we were able to introduce new technical developments and respond to changes in your requirements quickly? And if this were possible without additional costs?

This vision has a name: The BOGE continuous improvement programme (CIP).

How does the BOGE CIP work?

Thanks to the exemplary networking capability of BOGE turbo compressors, performance data can be collected and analysed on a large scale.

Based on the data collected and the analyses carried out, components are being developed that can be offered to you, the customer individually for installation. If your optimised compressed air station is put back in operation, a detailed analysis of your actual energy savings takes place. A new cycle of BOGE CIP begins at commissioning.

The result: maximum efficient operation of the compressed air station across the entire life cycle.

The important point for you: no additional costs.

Installation of the software or hardware updates are free of charge for you. Only the actual measured savings are shared by you and BOGE over a predefined period. The investment risk for your part is therefore minimal.

Award-winning 4.0 service

Gläserner Diamondstar Preis auf dunkelblauem Hintergrund

Our “continuous improvement programme (CIP)” service concept received the renowned prize, "Best Industrial Business Solution 4.0” from the business newspaper “Handelsblatt”


The award ceremony

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