Water for Life!


    IDAM Moncofa


    Compressed air for a seawater desalination plant to produce drinking water


Seawater becomes drinking water – with BOGE Air

The Challenge
The seawater desalination plant in Castellón, Valencia requires compressed air to control pneumatic fi ttings and valves and to provide process air.

The BOGE Solution
Two BOGE C 20 D screw compressors provide the required compressed air reliably and efficiently.

The Result
The BOGE compressed air helps to supply 10.5 cubic hectometres of drinking water per year for around 120,000 people.


    The Plana Baixa region in Castellón near Valencia is expecting a growth in population over the next few decades. This means that an adequate supply of drinking water must be provided, and water is also needed for agricultural purposes. In order to meet these demands, IDAM Moncofa is constructing a seawater desalination plant. The compressed air used in the plant comes from BOGE.


    The company became aware of BOGE due to the positive feedback regarding BOGE compressed air systems in one of the world‘s largest seawater desalination plants (Honaine/Argel, Algeria). After a detailed requirements analysis, two BOGE C 20 D
    screw compressors were selected for the new plant.


    The BOGE compressed air is used to control pneumatic instruments and valves and also serves as process air. Processes such as the intake of seawater, the return of salt to the sea and the storage of drinking water in tanks are all dependent on compressed air. Cleaning of the large water tanks is also carried out using compressed air.


    This highly effi cient desalination plant will provide drinking water for around 120,000 people, which equates to 10.5 cubic hectometres of water per year. IDAM Moncofa plans to increase this quantity to 21 cubic hectometres over the next few years. BOGE will be assisting the company in this endeavour. This includes the BOGE bestcair guarantee, which extends the manufacturer’s warranty to fi ve years, as well as the value preservation afforded by regular maintenance of the systems during operation.


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