Seemingly cheaper = actually more expensive. Or: why original parts are worth every penny

Where can savings be made in a compressed air system? Certainly not with generic spare or maintenance parts, that’s for sure! Quite the opposite, in fact: they can result in damage, increased electricity consumption and a reduction in free air delivery. It is always worth ensuring optimum running of your compressed air system, and an essential part of that is the use of manufacturer-approved replacement and wearing parts. We look at why this might be so in our latest BOGE white paper.


In summary: by using original parts, you will ensure that your compressed air system enjoys consistently low energy consumption. And it is – after all – these energy costs which make up around three quarters of the overall lifetime costs of running a compressor. Other advantages of only using original parts and oils are that your system should not require premature maintenance, and its lifespan and reliability will increase. You can download the BOGE white paper from here.



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