The turbo for the low pressure field is now here!

Whether it is for cooling using compressed air, discharging metal shavings or bubbling oxygen – wherever low pressures are required, the new BOGE Low Pressure Turbo 150  increases the scope straight away. It has a convincing drive concept based on a permanent magnet motor. This enables extremely high speeds and is impressive thanks to its high energy density – the precondition for a noticeable gain in efficiency. Its completely oil-free compression system reliably delivers oil-free compressed air of Class 0. Perhaps the most surprising result of low pressure turbo technology is the unobtrusive operating noise: With 80 dB(A) being the norm for an oil-free screw compressor, the BOGE Low Pressure Turbo 150 is unusually quiet at up to 63 dB(A). This considerably lower noise pressure level enables flexible placement and saves on costly sound insulation measures.

Low Pressure Turbo 150

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