High-performance filter with a guarantee

A team is only as good as its weakest member. We know it’s an old saying, but we believe it’s true when it comes to our compressed air systems. And that’s why we place such emphasis on the best efficiencies for all our components and individual parts. The latest proof: our new FDA-approved high-performance filters.


Our high-performance filter range comes with highly efficient nanofibre element fleeces. They eliminate particulate material, aerosols and oil vapours reliably, and are so sensitive they comply with the strictest standards required by the food manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. Efficient and with an outstanding CO2 footprint. We guarantee performance for 12 months, and the housing comes with a 10-year warranty. Whether with our pre-filters, microfilters or activated carbon filters, our high-flyer is simple to combine and takes up very little space. It goes without saying it is also completely compatible with other components too.



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