BOGE Delivers On-demand Solution for Energy Company in Singapore

A woodchip boiler plant operated by one of the largest marine and utilities company in Singapore now runs on a reliable supply of compressed air generated by BOGE’s SLF 51-3 variable speed drive, frequency-controlled oil-injected screw compressors (10 bar). The plant is also equipped with BOGE’s regenerative adsorption air dryers, pre- and after-filter models, activated carbon filters and Focus 2.0 controller. These installations deliver constant moisture and oil-free compressed air for the plant’s smooth operations.


The company was dissatisfied with repeated technical faults with its compressed air system.  Accumulated repair costs and wasteful energy consumption meant its operations were neither economical nor productive. They turned to BOGE for a solution to their problems. The decision to invest in BOGE’s air compressors was influenced by its long-standing expertise in the market, accessibility to relevant technical information, and its assurances to provide improved energy efficiency and reliability, lower cost of ownership, and strong local aftermarket support for its air compressors.


BOGE's SLF 51-3 energy-efficient screw compressors utilise variable speed drivers to generate only the required amount of compressed air for the plant.


Energy and Cost Efficiency

The team at BOGE Singapore first identified the customer’s specific compressed air requirements, specifically, the need for a system that could: 1) cope with variable and fluctuating air demands; 2) run fully automated, with minimal manpower for daily operations; and 3) maximise savings on energy consumption and maintenance costs. With this in mind, the team recommended a suitable air compressor system to help the plant improve its automation workload and reduce expenditure.  


BOGE’s SLF series’ built-in Variable Speed Drive (VSD) continually adjusts its operating speed to keep system pressure within a set band, matching energy consumption much more precisely with compressed air demand. With the newly fitted screw compressors, the plant enjoys better energy savings and reduced wastage with the exact amount of compressed air supplied.


Meanwhile, the BOGE Focus 2.0 allows easy synchronisation of both compressors, with one compressor working as a master control system, from which the customer can monitor the factory’s entire compressed air production. Total idle time and pressure fluctuations are reduced with intuitive adjustments to volume flow. To provide further value for the customer, the lead machine is programmed to change every 24 hours so that the two compressors operate over a similar number of hours each month. With closer maintenance intervals, the BOGE Singapore team can easily perform checks for both units during a single visit to the plant, saving on servicing time and costs.


Nalin Amunugama, General Manager of BOGE Asia Pacific, shares: “Through a detailed study of the plant’s specific compressed air needs, we were able to offer a solution that meets our customer’s desired standard of performance and reliability. We’re pleased that our customers are able to benefit greatly from BOGE’s cost-competitive, energy-efficient offerings.”


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