BOGE: Leading at Austech 2019

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Australia’s No.1 Air Compressor Manufacturer, Showcasing New Series 4 Compressors at the Advanced Manufacturing and Machine Tool Exhibition


Amtil is once again hosting the best Australian manufacturers at their Austech 2019 exhibition. BOGE, Australia’s leading manufacturer of compressed air systems, will be in attendance, showcasing its groundbreaking Series-4 range of compressors.


Austech 2019: Only the Best Australian Manufacturing Technologies

As Australia’s only exhibition show for the entire machine tool, metalworking, and ancillary market - Austech is a highlight of each year for these industries. Austech 2019 will provide the perfect environment in which world class manufacturing companies like BOGE can showcase their brand new engineering feats to the world.


Created by the Australian Technology Institute Limited (AMTIL), Austech is the crowning jewel of AMTIL’s achievements as it protects the interests of manufacturing technology suppliers and its users, with specific focus on any industry which requires precision engineering and/or advanced manufacturing techniques.


Austech 2019 will be held this year at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from the 14th until the 17th of May. As an exhibition, it attracts thousands of visitors each year, and remains Australia’s most important exhibition for advanced manufacturing companies invested in precise engineering, to reveal sophisticated air compressors and other products to businesses and the general public.


This year, BOGE will be once again taking its place as the leading Australian manufacturer of air compressors, showing off what its in-demand design team are about to bring to market; in this case, the Series-4 range of air compressors.


BOGE: A Powerhouse of German Manufacturing

BOGE was founded in 1907 by Otto Boge in the pursuit of creating the most reliable, powerful, and energy efficient compressors available in the world. From its humble beginnings in Germany, BOGE has since expanded its manufacturing and other operations to several regions, employing over 100,000 customers worldwide. Throughout the last 112 years, BOGE has continued to chase the dream of its founder, creating the best air compressors on the market. This has been achieved through the cultivation of disciplined engineering practices and a passion for meeting customer needs through innovation. BOGE has been and remains at the forefront of industrial and air compressor production.


An important part of BOGE’s success is its continued dedication towards providing a comprehensive portfolio of air compressors and accessories, at a competitive price. This has resulted in a century of producing industry leading technology, including:


  • Both oil-injected and oil-free screw compressors
  • Specialised piston compressors.
  • The definitive range of scroll compressors
  • A wide selection of filters and dryers
  • A vast offering of piping, boosters, and other fittings, constructed from high quality materials


Specific to Australia, the BOGE Melbourne warehouse has proven to be an essential resource for numerous Australian based businesses. The Melbourne warehouse has been a critical component of BOGE Compressors Australia, which was founded in 2006. Its reach has expanded significantly, offering BOGE’s leading compressor products throughout Australia and to other countries in the Oceanic region, including New Zealand, Fiji, and Papua New Guinea. This expansive offering of products has been made possible by BOGE’s network of distributors, all of whom are required to meet BOGE’s stringent technical expertise and customer oriented business practices.


The beauty of BOGE’s design ranges, the newest of which will be displayed at Austech 2019, is that they are created to be powerful, durable, affordable, and easy to use and maintain. BOGE is committed to engineering excellence, with the customer experience central to each and every product.


Unveiling BOGE’s Series-4 Range at Austech 2019

Boge has recently announced the latest additions to its cutting-edge compressor technology: Series-4. This range of compressors will be on the showroom floor at Austech 2019, giving customers and industry leaders a hands-on experience of Australia’s most reliable and innovative air compressor technology.


The BOGE Series-4 compressor range includes several compressor models, each with their own specific power drive sizes. The new Series-4 model variants have been developed to complement the existing 110kW, 132kW, and 160kW entries in the series. These new models provide the same groundbreaking energy performance, with smaller power drives for situations where the existing Series-4 models would be considered overkill.


The new Series-4 range models which will be showcased at Austech 2019, include the 55kW, 75kW and 90kW variants, along with a new version of the existing 110kW model.


Sporting BOGE’s new high-efficiency air-ends designs which produce lower sound pressure levels, BOGE now offers a complete selection of air compressors from 55kW to 160kW, ensuring that customers have unprecedented choice, control, and efficiency when installing air compressors at their plants. When combined with BOGE’s industry leading Airtelligence Pro 2.0 controller, these compressors offer unrivalled energy efficiency, reducing their impact on the environment while delivering powerful performance with lower running costs.


The Series-4 range which will be shown at Austech 2019, includes a wide selection of new innovative features, such as:


  • High performance and energy efficient air ends for each compressor, with direct drive as standard, or optional integrated gears designed and produced by BOGE.
  • Far lower sound output through BOGE’s new radial fan design with smoother rotation.
  • Layout design with maintenance in mind, so that customers can easily access all compressor parts.
  • New oil receivers complete with central integration of separation element, producing an estimated 9,000 hours of operation with synthetic oil filling, resulting in low residual oil content throughout.
  • Specific model variants of the Series-4 range now offer a staggering power usage of less than 6.0kW per cubic metre per minute when handling pressure at the 7.5 bar threshold.


Alongside the Series-4 range, BOGE will also be showcasing other new air compressor technology, including the latest innovations in:


  • Oil-free scroll compressors
  • Desiccant air dryers
  • Refrigerated air dryers
  • Oxygen generators and nitrogen generators with PSA and membrane systems


BOGE Technicians Attending Austech 2019

BOGE’s highly trained technicians will be in attendance, showcasing and answering any queries on the Austech 2019 showroom floor. They can also be reached by contacting BOGE through their website, and will be happy to assist anyone interested in BOGE’s industry leading air compressor technology.


For those working with air compressors, BOGE’s Austech 2019 exhibition, is not to be missed.