BOGE's Adsorption Dryers and Air Dryer Models

Thursday, July 4, 2019

BOGE Kompressoren has designed a suite of tools which reliably and efficiently processes compressed air for sensitive and delicate environments.


BOGE Kompressoren has designed a suite of tools which reliably and efficiently processes compressed air for sensitive and delicate environments. More than this, BOGE continues to innovate and future proof its adsorption dryers and air dryer models by engineering products to filtrate and dry air to its own internal safety standards, which are more rigorous than even the most stringent guidelines. As a result of BOGE's compressed air filtration and dryer products producing such high quality air, the company's offerings have become a mainstay of the medical, pharmaceutical, and hazardous environment sectors, saving lives and providing essential purified, breathable air, which can be relied upon.


Let us now explore these products with focus on the DAZ and DACZ adsorption dryers and the DASZ-P breathing air dryer models, which offer power, performance, and reliability in equal measure.


DAZ and DACZ Adsorption Dryers

Compressed air comes in many forms with different mixtures and compositions. When customers require air which is not only clean, but oil free and even sterile, then the DAZ and DACZ adsorption dryers are go-to choices across various sectors. Just because compressed air is suitable for a factory setting, does not mean that the same air can be used in the food and beverages industry or for manufacturing pharmaceuticals. In fact, such air is not suitable for more delicate environments, and so, BOGE has created a series of products to filter compressed air so that it fulfils the need for adaptable purity levels of the highest standard. The DAZ-2 and DACZ are two such products, and remove damaging moisture which increases when air is compressed. This both protects anyone inhaling the air mix and reduces any risk of equipment being damaged by water corrosion. The DACZ goes beyond even this, and adds in a full filtration system.


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The DAZ-2 is a heatless adsorption dryer with both pre and after filters which removes moisture from compressed air effectively. This dryer can handle a flow capacity of 8 –6100 m³/h, 5– 3587 cfm, with a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar and 16 bar, 150 and 230 psig, respectively.  The heatless design reduces energy consumption, and with BOGE's microprocessor control, the performance of each DAZ-2 adsorption dryer is continually optimized. With a functional display which immediately informs users of the dryer's current status, customers can have peace of mind that the resulting compressed air has safe levels of moisture for their needs. 


DACZ Series

The DACZ series builds on the desiccant performance of the DACZ-2, and then combines this with a DCZ-2 adsorber. The DCZ-2 is calibrated to remove any solids, including aerosols from the air supply. The DCZ-2 component is ensures that no contaminating substance up to 0,01 µm is removed safely. What's more, any residual oil is also filtered out, reducing any oil particulate matter to a staggering 0,003mg/m³. By combining both adsorption drying with carbon adsorption, the DACZ Series is an all in one package for dry, purified air. 


DAV Series

Some manufacturing environments require a specific pressure dew point. The DAV series of heat-regenerative adsorption dryers are designed with these complex specifications in mind. Perfect for sensitive environments found throughout pharmaceutical, brewing, food production, and electronics industries, DAV adsorption dryers guarantee dry air and are adaptable to dew points of -40C up to and including a staggering -70C.

The DAV range includes 14 models each with a max bar pressure of 10 and a PSIG of 145. Depending on the model, BOGE's DAV heat-regenerative adsorption dryers produce excellent flow capacities at 50Hz, ranging between 7,000 m3/min and 103,500 m3/min, along with 241.0 cfm to 3,582.0 cfm, respectively.

Each DAV adsorption dryer has been designed with performance and reliability in mind, as our sophisticated desiccants remove any moisture present, while re-cooling the air with advanced regenerative technologies. This results in almost no loss of compressed air and makes the DAV series extremely energy efficient for drying air in sensitive environments.


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DASZ-P: A Mainstay of Health Care and Industry

The DASZ-P heatless absorption dryer is BOGE Kompressoren's front line solution for maintaining safe, uncontaminated air in healthcare and other industries. The DASZ-P  breathing air dryer supplies patients, emergency workers, and those working in hazardous environments with high purity respiratory air. BOGE Kompressoren's latest innovations in this area have produced unrivalled economy and performance, surpassing most industry, healthcare, and laboratory standards for certified air purity.


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BOGE's innovative air dryer design exceeds the following standards:

  • AS 2299
  • ANSI Z86
  • EN 12021
  • European Pharmacopoeia limits


The DASZ-P also meets the requirements for certification in Russia (TR), the EU,  and Australia (AS 1210), as well as other regions around the world.


Filtration Taken to New Heights

BOGE's DASZ-P air dryer takes in compressed air and processes it quickly through seven unique filter stages in combination with industry leading adsorption technology. This complex filtration system reduces maintenance and significantly boosts the lifespan of each unit. The filtration system can process up to 1371 m³/h, handling pressures up to 16 bar, making the DASZ-P one of the most flexible and durable breathing air dryers available today.


Safety is paramount when filtering compressed air, and that is why BOGE has included a pre-filter to keep any initial residual oil particles down to 0.01 mg/m³. This is then backed up by both rigorous adsorber filtration and then a catalytic converter. The catalytic converter carries out a chemical process transforming any toxic CO (Carbon Monoxide) into breathable CO2 (Carbon Dioxide). Finally, the resulting mix is then passed through an after-filter which eliminates any other undesirable air content.


Efficiency Built From the Ground Up

The DASZ-P breathing air dryer has a three chamber design. BOGE engineers took this decision to maximize efficient clean air filtration. All three chambers are lined with a complex, patented mix of desiccants which absorb moisture using pressure swing adsorption. As compressed air filters through all three chambers and is purified, the system has been designed to always have one chamber free for more filtration. This results in not only a steady stream of filtration, but continuous clean air production which can stand up to even the most rigorous of demands.


Optional Features

BOGE engineering is about performance, power, and customer needs. With this in mind, the DASZ-P has a number of accessories which enhance its already excellent capabilities. These include a dew point-dependent control system and a compressor-synchronisation control unit. Both of which further increase the efficiency of the DASZ-P while reducing its running costs and power usage.


BOGE: The First and Last Line of Defence Against Poor Quality Air

BOGE Australia proudly distributes BOGE Kompressoren's range of leading adsorption dryers and air dryers to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and beyond. If you would like to know more about how BOGE dryers can boost both efficiency and safety in clean air production, our technicians are standing by ready to assist you in any way they can.