What is a Screw Compressor?

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

A screw compressor is a type of rotary movement compressor that compresses air based on the activities of two opposite helical shaped screws.


A screw compressor is a type of rotary movement compressor that compresses air based on the activities of two opposite helical shaped screws. The screw compressor is a type of gas compressor, and this differentiates it from other compressor technologies like the piston compressor and the gear pumps.


Industries use screw compressors when there is a need for a large volume of high-pressure air. Such a need comes to play in the operation of high power air tools like jackhammers and impact wrenches. Consequently, screw compressors are majorly used in high-pressure areas in the petrochemical industry, automotive industry, agricultural industry, manufacturing industry, mining industry and pharmaceutical industry among many others.


A screw compressor can supply compressed air constantly with minimum fluctuation in pressure. It has a continuous sweeping motion that is made possible by the action of an electric motor or diesel engine as the case may be. It works on the basis of the positive displacement mechanism.


A point of differentiation between the screw compressors and the piston compressor is the absence of valve and mechanical force in the former (which creates a lot of imbalance in the latter). As a result, screw compressors can work at a high flow rate and large speed. Therefore, they can produce high-pressure air in a taciturn manner.


The functioning of the screw compressor varies depending on whether it is oil injected or oil free. For the oil injected system, one of the rotors (the male rotors) drive the female rotors.


For the oil-free system, the two opposite shafts/rotors (connected by time gears to match their speed) are rotated by the motor leading to the compression of incoming low-pressure air to result in high-pressure air.


What is the working principle of the screw compressor?

A screw compressor generally consists of many different parts. There are two helical shaped screws, a casing, an air filter, rubber seals, a suction valve, and a delivery valve. The different parts work in tandem to produce the high pressure compressed air.


The two shafts are primarily responsible for the air compression process. On the one hand is the driving shaft and on the other hand, is the driven shaft. As stated before, the two shafts are connected by the time gears to match their speed.


The two shafts are encircled in a casing that is air-tight while the suction valve is unsealed to allow for air suction.


The elector motor powers the driving shaft. When it is turned on, the driving shaft begins operation. Consequently, the driven shaft also starts rotating in the opposite direction of the driving shaft. The timing gears ensure that the speed is uniform.


As the rotation continues, air begins to enter the gap created between the two screws. The two screws will operate in the opposite direction, and the air is petard in the space in between the two screws.


The gap between the two screws decreases progressively between the suction end on the one hand and the delivery end on the other. This process results in the compression of the air as it moves from the suction end to the delivery end. Consequently, the delivery valve channels the compressed air to a storage tank or any other container made for that purpose.


The optimization of the speed of the shafts helps to control mechanical and volumetric losses and improve the efficiency of the whole process.


In some cases, cold water is also used to reduce the heat. Water is continuously run around the casing to offset the effect of the heat and maintain an ideal temperature.


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