BOGE Australia's New Facilities Featured in Manufacturers' Monthly

Monday, August 19, 2019

While BOGE Australia's new facilities are at the same Pakenham industrial estate, the move into a larger complex has been propelled by the growing reputation of BOGE among Australian manufacturers.

BOGE Australia's New Facilities Featured in Manufacturers' Monthly

Meet BOGE Australia's New Headquarters

Situated next to the existing BOGE warehouse, the new facility now includes larger office space to handle administrative duties, sales, and customer support.


As a key supporter of the local economy, this expansion leaves the door open for many new job opportunities for those living nearby. With BOGE being a global leader in engineering and distributing air compressors and accessory equipment, BOGE is well positioned to become a major employer of Australian staff as performance within the Australian sector continues to grow healthily into the future.



New Yard Facilities

As pointed out in the August 2019 edition of Manufacturers' Monthly, part of BOGE Australia's new facilities includes significant expansion of its external yard space. A lot of thought and planning has gone into this expansion to service the changing requirements within Australian manufacturing. As BOGE's environmentally friendly air compressors help reduce carbon footprint and energy usage, manufacturers are increasingly turning to BOGE for their compressed air needs. This requires more room for distribution, hence the new expanded yard area for both receiving products from the BOGE warehouse and distributing products out to BOGE customers at speed.


The increase in demand for deliveries from BOGE Australia's Pakenham facilities would have made life more difficult for delivery drivers trying to negotiate the confined space there. With these new facilities, this problem has been solved, and third party delivery drivers are now ecstatic about the changes which make receiving goods a breeze. In addition to expanded space and more efficient yard design, new extended canopies allow the loading and unloading of BOGE products under cover so that they can be processed even during less than favourable weather.


BOGE Australia's new yard expansion is a critical part of meeting growing demand, and has therefore been given the investment and attention required to take BOGE's Australian distribution network to the next level.


More Stock and Options for Customers

The latest edition of Manufacturers' Monthly highlights the excellent performance of BOGE products as the key reason for the brand's growing popularity among manufacturers and other sectors. A key strategy for the new BOGE Australia development has therefore been to house more products and a wider range of BOGE Kompressoren models. This means no delays in having to ship items to Australia, as the wider stock will already be housed at the Pakenham complex. Customers are of prime importance to BOGE, and so BOGE Australia is now delighted to be able to offer this wider range of options, shipping immediately to both existing and potential customers.


The Manufacturers' Monthly article highlights some of the new stock now available at the Australian BOGE headquarters. These include:


  • Oil-injected screw compressors ranging from 5.5hp – 220hp.
  • 4k – 22kW oil-free scroll compressors for sensitive environments.
  • Medical grade equipment such as desiccant and refrigerated air dryers.
  • 40bar boosters.
  • High quality piping, fittings and spare parts at a competitive price.


The C-2 Series Now in Stock

The article highlights that one of the most exciting air compressor ranges will now be available from the BOGE Australia facilities. Known as the C-2 Series, these compressors have been designed from the ground up to meet customer needs. C-2 models vary from 11kW to 22kW and can be customised for specific scenarios. This means customers can include tank mounted units, a range of VSD options, as well as including integrated dryers. BOGE Australia's new facilities have been designed to handle the customisation process on site, passing savings in terms of shipping parts onto the customer.


The C-2 Series is engineered to provide efficiency, flexibility, lower noise profiles, and to have a compact footprint where space is a concern. Find out more about the C-2 Series.


BOGE Australia: A Manufacturer of Excellence

One of the main reasons behind Manufacturers' Monthly's feature article, is to praise the latest milestone which the Australian team has just reached. BOGE Australia has now formally been granted Australian Trusted Trader status. This prestigious award is only given by the Australian government to businesses which excel in developing innovative, efficient, and reliable products which exceed customer expectations. BOGE Australia has done all of this and more, and, as pointed out in the article, Australian Trusted Trader operations superintendent, Martin Mosely, believes that the achievements of BOGE Australia have been remarkable. The company has met and exceeded the most rigorous and stringent processes required for this award, and so it is an achievement of which the entire BOGE family can be proud.


Fewer than 500 companies have been awarded Trusted Trader status, and so BOGE takes its place alongside other giants across every business sector imaginable, as a company customers can truly rely upon.


Reaching New Heights

BOGE continues to develop its state of the art facilities, and is offering new and existing staff excellent training opportunities to support the huge growth in demand for the company's products. If you are interested in reading the full article, it can be found over at Manufacturers' Monthly alongside several other pieces celebrating BOGE Kompressoren's continued successes.


As pointed out by Jim Rohner, Managing Director of BOGE Australia, the continued growth of BOGE as a major player in the Australian region is based on a central promise: To provide customers with cost-efficient solutions while meeting their needs. If you would like to know more about BOGE Australia and the products it offers, contact one of our air compressor experts today who will be happy to answer any of your queries.