BOGE's 111-Year Success Featured in Manufacturer's Monthly

Thursday, June 27, 2019

BOGE is celebrating its 111th year as the world's most forward thinking manufacturer of air compressor technology


To celebrate this milestone, BOGE Kompressoren and its Australian distribution network have been featured in the June issue of Manufacturers' Monthly. The article explores the philosophy behind BOGE Germany and Australia's successes and their new range of Series-4 air compressor products.


Innovation Key to BOGE Australia's Success

As described in Manufacturers' Monthly's feature article, BOGE has always been driven by its desire for innovation. Always thinking outside of the box, this continual dedication towards the best technologies and support services has maintained the company's place as a leader in its field. Through this innovation, BOGE has established a wide range of distribution partners across every major region, of which BOGE Australia is one, performing remarkably. BOGE Kompressoren's training and guidance has ensured that its distribution partners maintain rigorous standards both in shipping and customer experience. Placing equal weight on innovation of air compressor technologies and providing customers with fantastic after care, BOGE and its partners in Australia have kept their standards high, generating growing demand for their first class air compressors.


BOGE: A German Leader in Engineering

As with many German companies, BOGE Kompressoren prioritizes engineering excellence. This excellence is achieved through treating staff as the company's greatest resource. Both support and engineering staff are encouraged to develop new approaches, always with the customer in mind. This has produced a vast range of BOGE air compressors and accessories which are applicable to numerous industries.

Engineering is at the heart of each and every reliable product, and, as pointed out in the recent Manufacturers' Monthly Issue, BOGE has facilitated this dedication to technological innovation through continually reappraising its Research and Development practices. Focus is placed on investing in areas which will produce competitively priced products to the benefit of the customer. This amalgamation of engineering with a cost-effective ethos has spurred the company on throughout its 111 year history.


A Wide Range of Air Compressor Products

The June issue of Manufacturers' Monthly highlights the benefits of BOGE Kompressoren's three pronged approach to engineering, support, and competitive pricing. These have combined, resulting in a wide selection of air compressor products for the customer. Both oil injected designs and oil free solutions are at the heart of this drive for customer choice. This has produced market leading air compressors including screw, scroll, and piston designs. Furthermore, BOGE has developed a new turbo technology which has the potential to become the go-to solution for air compressor design well into the future.

BOGE also offers many accessories developed to enhance the capabilities of its compressors. Dryers and filters have been engineered from the ground up to increase efficiency and improve longevity with minimum maintenance required. Best in class oil free air production for specific models has also meant that the BOGE brand has become synonymous with more delicate environments as seen in both medical applications and food production industries.


The Importance of BOGE Australia

In the feature article for Manufacturers' Monthly, the importance of Australia's distributors to the BOGE family is highlighted. By providing a vast array of compressors and accessories out of the warehouse in Melbourne, BOGE Australia has been able to capitalize on increased demand throughout the region for technologies which reduce carbon footprint and boost production.

Since BOGE Australia was founded in 2006 to distribute BOGE products and offer renowned after care service, it has cast its net wide, providing products across Australia and other countries in the region including New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and Fiji. Due to growing industrial trends and BOGE Australia's highly valued reputation, demand for BOGE air compressors and accessories has increased significantly. This has led to larger facilities in Australia to ensure BOGE's commitment to fast distribution and quality customer support is maintained at all times. To reinforce this BOGE Australia has recently acquired the status of Australian Trusted Trader ensuring security for the company and for the country. Australian Border Force made the award to BOGE at a gala function.


Celebrating 111 Years at the Top with Series-4

BOGE is celebrating its 111th anniversary in style. As promoted in Manufacturers' Monthly, BOGE is releasing an innovative series of screw compressors named after its recent milestone: The S 111-4. This latest addition to the S4 range reaches new heights of efficiency and design, including a new enclosure which reduces pressure losses and lowers the noise profile of internal gears. This makes the S 111-4 more suitable for varied environments where noise is a consideration. Furthermore, with the S 111-4 able to output at 55kW – 160kW, it is perfectly suited for a wide range of applications.


BOGE Australia Moving Forward

As a company, BOGE Kompressoren continues to progress each and every day with out of the box thinking. BOGE Australia and their distributor partners are proud to be an important part of these distribution efforts, ensuring that all manufacturers have access to the best in class air compressors on the market. For more information about air compressors and the S 111-4, our technicians are standing by to answer any of your queries.